Hello new and returning students! My name is Caleb Haligowski and I am your 2020 Avondale Student Association President. I will be leading out in supporting all areas of student life and in helping create the best possible experience for all individuals. This year I would like to welcome you to the ASL office within Upper College Hall. Your thoughts, values and ideas are valuable to me and the ASL team. My role is to be your voice to the Avondale staff in order to make changes which will benefit you and your experience here. So feel free to tell me your thoughts, you will find me at college sporting and social events, Wednesday pulse and hanging around campus. This year seize every moment, taking part in all opportunities presented to you. I encourage you to take risks and to step out, move into the unknown which you may not feel fully prepared for and allow God your lectures and your peers be the ones there to help should you fail. I honestly believe that 2020 will be a year that our Avondale Community will remember. This year will be a period in your life filled with potential. Potential for growth, potential for failure and potential for success. At Avondale University college you can always expect the unexpected. You can expect to come to Avondale and to leave with a degree and an opportunity for a lifelong career. But really, what you leave with is friendships, memories and growth induced by experiences you would never imagine possible. So I say, step out and step up and see where God can take you!
“Let’s get it”



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